Transition Assessment

Transition Checklist 

The Transition Checklist is a district-specific form for tracking transition planning for students from age 14 to 22.  The form was created in partnership with the Shrewsbury Interagency Transition Team.

Note: The Microsoft Word file may be modified for use in another district.

Transition Assessments 

Name TypeHow to Access
Air Self-Determination AssessmentSelf-Determination Web Download 
Arc Self-Determination ScaleSelf-Determination Web Download
 Brigance Transition Skills Inventory ComprehensiveContact Site Administrators
 Casey Life Skills AssessmentComprehensiveWeb Access
Daily Living Skills Home Assessment Daily Living SkillsWeb Download
Field and Hoffman Self-Determination AssessmentSelf-Determination Download Below
MA Work-Based Learning Plan
 VocationalWeb Download
My Next Move
 VocationalWeb Access
SHS Transition Survey for Parents/Students  ComprehensiveDownload Below
Washington State Transition Assessments ComprehensiveDownload Below

Daily Living Skills Home Assessment 


The Daily Living Skills Home Assessment (DLSHA) was created by members of the Shrewsbury Special Education Department.  It is a comprehensive assessment of students' daily living skills at home and in the community.

The DLSHA is available in two formats: A Google Form can be shared online with parents and a Paper Form can be printed and sent home (or emailed). 

A Google spreadsheet is available to calculate and summarize the data for both forms automatically.  



Google Form

The Google Form is the recommended version of the DLSHA.  Simply click the download button below and follow the directions to share the form with a parent or guardian.

All of the data will be processed automatically once the form is completed. The complete report will appear in the Google form.

* The link above will prompt the user to "Copy Document" from the master file.  The copy will then be added to the user's Google Drive.

Questions or comments about the DLSHA Assessment?  Please contact the site administrator



Paper Form

The Paper Form can be downloaded below in PDF format.  Parents/guardians must fill out the printed form of the assessment.  Once downloaded, the paper form can also be emailed.

After the paper assessment is completed, use the summary sheet below to process the data and prepare a report. The summary sheet is in a Google Spreadsheet format.

* The link above will prompt the user to "Copy Document" from the master file.  The copy will then be added to the user's Google Drive.  

Assessment Downloads 


Online Resources 


Secondary Transition Portal

Massachusetts online forum for transition-related discussion and resources


Think College

College options for people with Intellectual Disabilities



National Alliance for Secondary Education and Transition



National Longitudinal Transition Study-2 Funded by the U.S. Department of Education



National Center on Secondary Education and Transition


Ready By 21

Helping communities to prepare youth for college, work, and life experiences.