MOVE Program

Mobile On-Site Vocational Exploration

MOVE is a for-credit, formal elective class that gives students with special education services at Shrewsbury High School the opportunity to become involved in a functional, individualized vocational training program.

Schedule and Locations

  • MOVE operates every school day from 11:30 to 2:00 outside of SHS at two hotels in Marlboro, MA: The Courtyard Marriott and the Best Western Royal Plaza
  • Students take a bus there every day, and return before the end of the school day; students also eat lunch at the hotels each day
  • The program is field-based to provide students with an authentic but structured and hands-on experience each day in a “real world” work environment

What do students do each day in MOVE?


  • Students practice culinary skills in the hotel kitchens and work in the restaurants and laundry areas.
  • Students complete specific tasks that are typically begun and finished in one day which enables students to experience the continuum of communication and problem solving that is involved in doing a “real” job.
  • Students in MOVE have a vocational goal with a comprehensive set of individualized objectives to structure their experience, and data is collected on their performance and progress.


Why do students participate in MOVE?

  • Students in MOVE have been recommended for placement as a result of a team discussion related to their individualized transition plan.
  • Students may benefit from practice in the areas of social and personal behavior.
  • Student get exposure to a functioning job setting with support.
  • MOVE helps students become more active and productive participants in the world in which they live.

Student Vocational Goals


  • Develop independence and self-confidence 
  • Function successfully in competitive employment 
  • Maintenance of a work uniform (hat, chef’s jacket, chef’s pants)  
  • Practice with identification of job-related conflicts and solution methods  
  • Leadership skills in the context of the “Chef of the Week” role


  • Acquisition of a wide range of vocational tasks 
  • Practice following directions and accepting feedback 
  • Become more aware of diverse employment opportunities 
  • Practice communicating with other students, the job coach and natural supports in the hotel

How do I get into MOVE?


Student must meet a high standard of behavioral and academic expectations to participate in MOVE. Students are eligible to start in MOVE in grade 10, and can participate from one semester to 3 full school years. 

MOVE is considered an elective class, and students earn 10 credits per school year for participating. All students considered for MOVE have IEPs.

Students first visit one or both of the hotels, reflect on the visit and the program’s benefits with the MOVE supervisor, and then a discussion takes place between the IEP team to decide the feasibility of MOVE within the student’s transition plan, schedule and IEP services.


Click on the link below to download the MOVE Permission Slip.

Return the completed form to your child's special education liaison in order to arrange a trial visit to the MOVE program.

Click on the link below to complete the MOVE vocational assessment.

This assessment will help you identify your abilities, goals and opportunities related to job skills.

How MOVE impacts students

  • Students report that MOVE gives them the opportunity to gain exposure to work while still maintaining a focus on school and studying.
  • Parents indicate that students in MOVE have made significant changes in their attitudes toward school, and this change has generalized to their attitude at home.
  • Students have been placed from MOVE into part time, summer or full time employment at cooperating work sites.
  • MOVE students have gone on to further their education in culinary art colleges such as Johnson and Wales or the Culinary Arts Institute.

Click here to read about one student's experience with the MOVE Program.

MOVE Catering Events @ SHS

Students also plan and participate in organized activities at the hotel and bring their work back to SHS. These activities have included:

  • Designing and constructing a holiday gingerbread house for display in the school lobby
  • Preparing and serving food at a holiday luncheon for the senior greeters
  • Baking cookies and cutting fruit for the monthly staff faculty meetings as well as attending these meetings to serve the food
  • Preparing and serving food at the 50-day senior breakfast
  • Serving treats the pre-graduation event for the senior class


For more information about the MOVE Program, please contact:


Patrick O'Connor

MOVE Program Coordinator

Phone: (508) 841-8800 x2124