Finding Jobs

Job Search Resources

After High School students may move on to a college, technical school, career training program, transition program, or directly into a job. Each of these avenues presents unique ways for students to find careers that match their skills and interests.

Most colleges, technical schools, and career training programs provide on-campus career counseling services that will help to place students in internships or part/full-time work within their area of training.

Transition programs like the AVC Evolution Program allow students to attend job-sampling worksites where they can experience different types of work settings. In some cases a job coach may facilitate the process as the student adjusts to a new work setting. The goal of these programs is to eventually find a permanent job placement for each student.

Workforce Central Career Center

The Workforce Career Center is a federal and state-funded service that connects employers and job seekers in the state of Massachusetts.

With three regional locations in Worcester, Milford, and Southbridge, the Workforce Career Center is able to provide a range of free services to job seekers from around the state:


  • Career Resource Library 
  • Job Listings and Job Matching 
  • Applicant referral services 
  • Massachusetts JobQuest 
  • Resume Writing


  • Career counseling 
  • Job search guidance 
  • "Workshops to Work" 
  • Computer skills classes
  • Interview Skills

"Natural Supports" 

Individuals with disabilities who are exploring new jobs are encouraged to seek out natural supports within their work environment.

"Natural workplace supports include such examples as using co-workers as job trainers for the supported employee, promoting mentoring relationships between the supported employee and others in the environment, and using the environmental cues as a means of sustaining new behaviors by the supported employee."

Fabian, E.S., & Leucking, R.G. (1991) -- Doing it the company way: Using internalcompany supports in the workplace.

The natural supports model of job placement encourages individuals with disabilities to practice self-determination and self-advocacy skills as they seek out careers that are truly rewarding and meaningful.

More more information about natural supports and other adaptive work strategies, visit: Work Without Limits (MA)

Support Agencies 

The support agencies featured on this site provide a range of job training and job matching services.  For more information, review the agency descriptions: Support Agencies

A job board for job seekers with disabilities to connect with employers in Massachusetts