Center for Living and Working, Inc.

Center for Living & Working, Inc., (CLW) is a non-profit independent living center, which takes its direction from persons with disabilities.

We provide comprehensive and innovative programs and services in order to maximize individual independence and opportunities. We are driven by the belief that consumers must always be equal members of society with equal access and an individual is the only one empowered to make decisions regarding their own life.


Who is Eligible?

Center for Living & Working services are available to anyone with a disability. 

There is no cost for services.


How to Apply...

For application information please contact our main line: 


Or visit our website:

Support Services

Transition To Adulthood (TAP)

TAP Provides services to young adults between the ages of 14 and 22 with the transition from an educational setting to independent living in the community. TAP also provides guidance with the Individual Education Plan (IEP) and Individual Transition Plan (ITP) process. 

Utilizing the role model approach, the peer counselor and consumer will build a relationship through sharing real life experiences and develop an independent living plan together.

Four core services provided: 

  • Skills Training 
  • Peer Counseling 
  • Advocacy (both Individual and Community) 
  • Information & Referral 

Services we offer: 

  • IEP and ITP Advocacy 
  • Support to family 
  • Community Education and Recreation

Contact Information

Center for Living & Working, Inc.

484 Main St., Suite 345
Worcester, MA 01608


Please Contact:

Erica Torres

Manager, Youth Services