Career Planning

Vocational Exploration

Most students in High School begin exploring career options that relate to their unique skills and interests. This process, called vocational exploration, takes many forms. Students may...

  • Attend a vocational/technical school
  • Participate in job training classes
  • Secure a part-time job or internship
  • Explore careers using online programs
  • Volunteer at a local business
  • Attend career fairs

Students with disabilities will work with their Guidance Counselor and Special Education Liaison to determine how they can develop job skills and explore future career options.

Work Permits

Students between the age of 14 and 18 years old may seek paid employment by obtaining a youth work permit from their school. Work permits allow students to work a limited number of hours completing job tasks appropriate for their age, as allowed by state law.  

How to Apply for a Youth Work Permit

  1. Apply for the job and receive a job offer
  2. Obtain a work permit application (download here or pick up in the main office of the High School)
  3. Fill out job description and have employer sign off on permit
  4. Obtain parent/guardian signature and physician signature
  5. Return completed work permit to guidance office at High School
  6. School will issue the work permit for the employer's records

"Soft Skills" Instruction 

Some students may benefit from vocational instruction to help them develop the skills necessary to be successful in the workplace.  Soft Skills instruction allows students to build the fundamental skills necessary for success in any work environment.  These skills include:


  • Communication
  • Enthusiasm and Attitude
  • Teamwork


  • Networking 
  • Problem-Solving
  • Professionalism

Contact the student's special education liaison to learn more about vocational instruction and to find out what programs he or she may be eligible for.

School-Based Work Experience 

There are a number of ways that students can gain work experience while they are in school.  Speak to the student's guidance counselor or special education liaison to determine which programs they are eligible for:

  • In-School Internships: Students who have an open period (Study Hall) may apply for an internship position in any of the school offices or classrooms.
  • ACE Internships: Seniors may apply for an internship at a local business during part of their senior year.  The internship may take place during the normal school day.
  • In-School Work Experience: The In-School Work Experience program is a special education supported class that helps students develop job skills while completing vocational tasks in settings around the school.
  • MOVE Program: The Mobile On-Site Vocational Exploration (MOVE) Program allows students to gain real-world job experience working in two area hotels for part of the school day.

Online Career Exploration 

All Shrewsbury High School students use online career exploration tools to assess their work interests, discover college and training options, and explore possible career paths:

Click on the links above to learn more about how parents and students can use these programs to explore college and career options.