Alternatives is a non-profit human services agency currently serving over 2000 adults with developmental and psychiatric disabilities in 55 residential, employment and day programs throughout Central Massachusetts.


Who is Eligible?

Adult family Care (AFC) is a program for people over the age of 16, elders, and adults with and without disabilities who cannot live alone safely without a caregiver and need assistance with one or more activities of daily living.  The caregiver may be family members, or non-family members.


Support Services

Alternatives provides caregivers a number of supports which will aid in their ability to care for their loved one. These include nursing supports, professional case management, monthly tax free stipend, consultation, training and 24 hour emergency support.  


About Adult Family Care...

Adult Family Care offers the opportunity for an individual to live with a host family or their natural family who will provide support and training to improve the individual’s overall skills of daily living, health and well-being. The AFC service is funded primarily by Masshealth. Masshealth provides reimbursement for individuals at two levels based on their level of need.

How to Apply...

Anyone interested may call or email the contact person below to ask questions or schedule an in-home appointment. 

Contact Information

Alternatives: Worcester Office

454 Grove Street
Worcester, MA 01605


Please contact: 

Jodie St. Louis

Director of Marketing and Placement Services

(508) 266-6524

You may also call the main Alternatives number at: 

(508) 234-6232

*Please ask for the Adult Family Care Program